Resumes and Copy Edits in your style and nuance. 

We can make your resumes stand out. For self published authors, we also edit content for simplicity, ease of reading as well as basic grammar that even the best software may sometimes miss. Due to high demand and workload in this area, consult with us to see if we are a good fit for your project.



The client must provide proper spelling of job-specific acronyms and abbreviations. For instance, abbreviations like SQL, CSS, SIP etc. need to be spelled correctly when you send us the text for your resume upgrade in order to ensure accuracy.


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What I benefited most from Anew was Chester's copy editing assistance.

Chester made good on his promise and then some. When I reconsidered finishing my book, Chester encouraged me to keep writing. When I missed deadlines he had given me, he rearranged his schedule to accommodate mine.”

— Agyei Ekundayo: Author

He creatively crafts concepts into concrete results.

“Chester stays with the project from start to finish and he creatively crafts concepts into concrete results. He is an awesome editor, designer and consultant. It is a pleasure to have him within my network.”

Phillip W. Bufford: Author

The quality of his work is exemplary.

Over the past years, I have known Chester to be the "Penman" for resumes.   The quality of his work is exemplary.  He has always displayed a high degree of integrity and ambition in his work.  

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Chester for his stellar work as a resume writer.

— Kenya Moultrie: Client Services Team Lead (ADP)


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