YouTube Uploads. Website Design^. Online Class Module Setup. ~

Upload one (1) video block segment* 15:00 minutes or less to your YouTube page for promotional purposes.

*If the broadcast network is available in HD, then your uploaded video will also be in 1080p HD!

^ Website design is offered only as a package deal with other core services such as a mechanism to integrate resume, print media or video portfolio services. 

~ We can setup learning module videos for a course curriculum. Contact us for more information. Example available at



This selection of services are for professionals that contribute expert commentary for news, sports or entertainment networks. This type of professional wants to capture an important video segment featuring him/herself, compile a professional video portfolio, post video on a personal publicity web page in order for you to tweet and post to your fans on facebook, tumbler, instagram, etc.  Don't have social media sites? It's quite alright! We can set you up on social media as well! Let us know your budget and we can also set you up with a customized internet package that fits your needs! 


$25/1st block (New Customers Only) $50/block segment
$200/week (<20 blocks)
$500/week (21-49 blocks)

YouTube Page Design
$100 initial setup

Website Design
Special Consultation

Interweb (Website + Social Media) from $100/month




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“As a practicing psychotherapist and author, time is valuable so I truly appreciate Chester's efficiency and reliability.”

— Jonathan Alpert: Psychotherapist