Lean on Another's Understanding

When you're self-employed, you quickly figure out that whether you want to or not, you have to do LOTS of things yourself (unless you're going to pay someone else to do them). Many things you would rather pay someone else to do, but you find out that you need to get it done at the exact moment that it needs to be done. Some people "kick the can down the street" to buy some time, but that strategy will just make extra work for you and possibly lose you lots of potential profit that was within your grasp.

Here are a few crucial points that I discovered. They actually were not my discovery: someone else shared them with me. I did not lean on my own understanding. I asked questions. People will share information freely when you know how to ask nicely. We will discuss that skill set at another time.

Full-time self-employed individuals have to pay for their own health benefits, so options like vision quickly get tossed for more important doctor appointments and emergency room visits. Here are some for vision and pharmacy visits:

1. Vision: With this option, you will have to still pay for your own eye exam, but that is the least expensive item on the list of things for vision. Just visit your favorite eye-care facility in your favorite shopping plaza and pay less than $100 for that. Those pesky glasses are what cost. Here is a free link that will get you access to top quality glasses; this includes bifocals, prescription sunglasses, transition lenses, scratch protection, anti-glare etc. Put it like this, even WITH paying an extra $20+ for fast shipping, I got a pair of prescription sunglasses with scratch resistant coating AND a pair of transition wire frames with a protective coating and anti-glare for less than $100. You heard me! I mean the frames, lenses and all the listed extras. https://goo.gl/N5aKxj

2. Pharmacy Prescriptions: Need prescriptions filled? Tired of having to choose from putting gas in your tank or getting meds? Here is a card that helps you get what you need for less, including name brand meds. It is a discount card that will work at most franchise pharmacies in the USA. Just fill it out and show it to the pharmacist the next time you go. Some people save over 50% - 90% on their meds. Use it to see how much your discount will be.

Website Development

This used to be a complex task to achieve. Now, there are easier, inexpensive ways to get this done. You can keep using the free websites if you want, but your clients KNOW they are free sites. I'm just saying. http://website.ws/aneweducation

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